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IMPACT BRANDS started in 2019 as a department under Shopmyar Company Limited with two key objectives:


1. To develop and market various brands in the consumer electronics, travel and consumer equipment, and anti-bacteria product collections 


2. To provide direct off-line sales to B2B clients with one-stop corporate procurement, logistics services, custom clearance services, professional consultation for own-brand OEM and ODM creation, branding, marketing, corporate ID, media and PR management, digital strategy and POSM.

Our corporate clients appreciate our professional approach and return to us with repeat and new orders. We are also referred to various new corporate clients regularly. We work with both startups and well-established organizations. 

Faster than expected business growth prompted us to officially launch a new entity, IMPACT BRANDS, in July 2020 to continue to create in-house brands, to form partnerships and distribute third-party brands, and to effectively serve corporate clients with ever-improving solutions. 


IMPACT BRANDS is now considered to be the fastest growing portfolio brand developer and one-stop corporate solutions provider in Myanmar among the leading corporates. 

In addition, we now have one of the largest distribution agent network for our portfolio brands across the country. 

We control Myanmar's leading supply chain and logistics network linked to global network of manufacturers and suppliers to be able to provide world class quality and services for our growing list of clients.

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