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We -- as an ethical business and human being -- deeply care about health & safety of our family members, friends, colleagues & loved ones, especially so during this unprecedented major health crisis. Therefore, the birth of "Pure99" -- a Collection of Sanitary Supplies made from uncompromized quality of ingredients. It was mean for our family members initially. However, due to various requests from our friends and colleagues, we have made "Pure99" available for our valued customers too. We care about your health & safety, always.

In summary, "Pure99" is a collection of anti-bacteria products focusing on daily needs of families, offices and community destinations starting with hand sanitisers, alcohol wipes, hand soap, cleaning liquid and washing detergent. 

Our first product is high-quality hand sanitiser bottles in 500ml, 300ml, 100ml and 50ml sizes. Thereafter, "Pure99" will release individually-packed alcohol anti-bacteria wipes, followed shortly by bathroom, kitchen, laundry and cleaning product range.  

The unfortunate experience of Covid-19 has put heavy emphasis on the importance of our health and safety as part of our daily lives. And "Pure99" is here to support the much needed daily healthy habit of our family and friends, our colleagues, our clients and finally the community that we live and work in. 

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