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Impact Brands is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate again any race, age, gender, or religion. We expect all our employees to show respect to other race, age, gender or religion without compromise. 

We welcome applications for the following roles:

Full-time roles:

* Chief Accountant

- Reporting to Financial Controller

- Job responsibilities include supporting the Financial Controller and management with accounting, tax, internal controls, analysis, treasury and management reporting functions

- Suitably qualified professional with at least five years of experience locally or overseas in a professional organization

* Sales Manager

- Reporting to Senior Sales Manager

- Job responsibilities include sales and network building for our portfolio brands including consumer electronic and travel and lifestyle products. 

- Five years of experience in consumer electronics sales or distribution through modern trade or agent/distributor network throughout the country

* Creative Manager

- Reporting to CEO

- Job responsibilities include content creation to boost brand and corporate ID for our portfolio brands, liaising with external agencies for coordination and creative works, managing the marketing calendar for all our portfolio brands, digital channel sales and communications.

- Three years of creative and relevant experience fully supported with portfolio of past works.

Part-time or project-base roles:

* Translator: English to Myanmar; Chinese to Myanmar

* Folk-lift driver

* Interns

* Graphic designer

* Content writer

* Video maker

Please submit your application and CV using the form below. Thank you.


Thanks for submitting!

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