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In September 1994, the Airbus A300-600ST, or Airbus "Beluga", took its maiden flight. The unique horse-shoe shaped upper fuselage of the Super Transporter resembles the body of its mammalian namesake; a feature that allows this giant aerospace marvel to transport parts and components for airplanes- cargo that were previously thought to be impossible for conventional air transport.

At "Beluga", our designers and  engineers share the same obsessions for innovation and show no regard for conventional travel solutions. Our mission is to create a travel lifestyle brand that challenges the unthinkable and pushes the boundaries of how our bags and suitcases can serve our travelers, one extra pound and one extra mile at a time.

From an innovative  storage expansion system to spinners and handles designed for comfort and functionality, we combine the most contemporary design technology with an utmost attention to durability  and quality.

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