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* Impact Brands aims to be the number one local brand of choice in the consumer electronics market segment in the country, while continuously developing segment-leading niche brands in the consumer focus market.

* Impact Brands will progress towards becoming the number one structured professional entity providing Corporate Solutions services to 500 leading organizations in Myanmar.

* Our efforts will result in the success of our customers, the well-being of all stakeholders, including employees, and the enhancement of Myanmar as a key player in the global economic community.


* Impact Brands will strive to provide the best value proposition products and services to our customers.

* We impart significant knowledge and skills, as well as provide worthwhile employment to our employees.

* We will continue to invest in the market segments where we can best serve society so that we can contribute towards the country’s development and at the same time achieve a significant return for the company.


* Empowered organization – Flat, lean, nimble and empowered organization structured to deliver success to all stakeholders

* Beyond profit – Prioritize the well-being of all stakeholders while striving for shareholder return

* Support and challenge – Support each other for the common goal while we do not hesitate to challenge for better ideas and results

* Business excellence – Continuously improve towards operational perfection

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